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Praise for Feel Good

"I highly recommend Dan Halpern's Feel Good audio course. He walks the listener through clear explanations, and simple yet profound exercises and practices, that can help us to enable positive change and transformation. Dan's course has the power to help us all lean into our full potential to truly "feel good." And, if we're already feeling good on average, these practices can help us feel even better - to maximize our appreciation of life, engage the world and our loved ones in a deeper way, and increase the richness of our experience."

- Matthew Zimmerman, Audio Producer, Sounds True Studios


"Feel Good is a highly accessible and, dare I say, fun journey into resourcing your body, mind, and spirit. This course can help you to bring more presence into your life, digest difficult emotions and experiences, and increase your capacity for joy and pleasure."

- Aaron Camp, LPCC, Psychospiritual Counselor 

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