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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you hold sessions?
    While I am based in Lafayette, Colorado, USA, all sessions are conducted virtually either by video or phone.
  • Are virtual sessions effective?
    Virtual sessions work very well for many people, both by phone or video. Two of the most important aspects on a healing and growth journey are self-awareness and relational connection. In somatic therapy, the emphasis is on awareness of your body's physical sensations. Sensations are always occurring, and you can learn to feel and listen to your inner experience in any setting, even while connecting with someone on a phone or computer. Relationally, our nervous systems affect and attune to each other even if we are not physically in the same location. Working together virtually can bring healing to relational and attachment wounds, as well as form and strengthen the pathways for deeper connections with others in your life.
  • Do you work with clients outside of Colorado?
    Yes, I work with clients in different capacities all over the world. I am licensed to provide Professional Counseling services to individuals living in Colorado, and as such, only offer Counseling sessions to individuals who currently live in Colorado. For folks outside of Colorado who feel a good match with me and my work, I am happy to offer virtual Somatic Healing Sessions. Feeling a resonance with the supports in your life is one of the most important factors in one's healing and growth journey. Somatic Healing sessions are similar to counseling in that I hold space to explore what is arising in your present life, what needs addressing from your past, and what your goals are for your future; all the while, my focus is on supporting your greatest wellbeing by strengthening your connection with yourself in grounded and embodied ways. While it is not counseling, I bring all of my training and experience as a counselor and spiritual practitioner to Somatic Healing sessions. If you'd like to learn more about Somatic Healing, please contact me for a free consultation.
  • Do you accept my insurance?
    I am an out-of-network provider; I do not bill insurance directly but can provide you with a superbill for our work together for you to submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement, which will be determined by your insurance company. Payments are required at the conclusion of every session, and I accept HSA and FSA cards as well as credit and debit cards.
  • What is your rate, and how long are sessions?
    Counseling and Somatic Healing sessions cost $175 and are 55-minutes long.
  • Do you offer a sliding scale?
    I reserve a limited number of spaces in my practice for sliding scale rates. Please reach out to check on current availability.
  • How often do you recommend meeting together, and for how long?
    You are the expert on your life—no one knows you better than yourself. I am happy to help you to determine what you feel you need, as well as what you don't, and to make those choices for yourself at anytime in our work together as well as in all your relationships. At the start of our work, I recommend meeting on a weekly basis for about four sessions to familiarize yourself with somatic therapy / somatic healing, and to build momentum for yourself in your life. From there, it may make sense to decrease frequency of sessions to bi-weekly or monthly. That being said, I work with clients anywhere between twice a week to once a month, depending on need, scheduling, finances, and the amount of time you may prefer between sessions to integrate and apply things to your daily life. My goal for you is that you will not need to see me on a permanent basis, but that I can support you whenever you like. Some clients appreciate having a place to check in on a regular basis, and some prefer to focus on one issue in their life and then know they have someone they can reach out to only when life feels especially challenging. A lot can happen in just one session, and, depending on many factors, 6-12 sessions is a typical benchmark for addressing a particular area of your life and can support significant shifts.

Have another question?  Contact me to discuss and schedule your free consultation.

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